Should we go for a month without shaving our legs?

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Ah, finally it’s time to relax and be able to greet male friends with some modicum of respect again. The month of Movember, while no doubt raising lots of money for charity, is a time of horror for me.

It’s that moment when someone turns around and you just don’t know where to look as they have a furry slug lying across their top lip.

Just like how I imagine a porn star would have looked in the 1970s.

It’s disgusting. And a little bit rude, making us have to look at such items. And, worse, half the time the men seem proud of them.

That confuses me as I wonder if they are planning on keeping them? Especially the semi-respectable moustaches that aren’t ridiculously stylised so you’re not quite sure if they’re lurking with intent to stay. Can I or can’t I laugh at them?

I don’t have anything against moustaches in principle – the principle being that they are shaved off.

My other principle could be that they are fine as long as they are in a country in which I am not. Or even better, another continent.

My husband actually had a moustache when he was a young man, but thankfully he has never had the audacity to go down that route again.

When I look at the pictures I shudder to think that we might never have got together had we met just a few years earlier. I would have run screaming in the opposite direction. Even if I hadn’t, he would have discovered, early on, how completely shallow I can be and maybe he would have been the one dashing off.

Perhaps I could persuade my male friends who do embrace Movember to spread it out over other several months, so I only have to deal with the issue person by person, instead of in big groups of hirsuteness.

I do often think, though, about whether us ladies should embrace the idea and go without shaving our legs for the month of July. Or armpits, or both.

Would we be willing to do that for charity? To put it all on display, or tame fantastical shapes into the growth, like tram lines or even dragons wending their ways up our shins?

Anyone want to lead the way and I’ll think about following.