Shouldering the big questions

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Last week I told you how I was put on the spot when my three-year-old daughter Caitlin asked me where clouds come from.

This was followed by the question: ‘Why are clouds white?’.

I’ve always thought I would do well and possibly win a nice amount of money on a TV quiz show and have been tempted to apply, but with even more questions being fired at me by my daughter I’m questioning my general knowledge skills.

After being somewhat stumped by the cloud question, my specialist subject is certainly not meteorology and, as I’ve since found out, nor would it be the human body.

‘Daddy, why do we have shoulders?’, was the next question Caitlin fired at me.

After some research I found out the main purpose of this body part is movement. It’s the most mobile joint in our body.

But when I had Caitlin looking at me expectantly waiting for an answer, I just went with ‘so your coat doesn’t fall off’.