Show a sense of community by looking out for others

Surely, holding a door open for a member of either sex is just good manners?

LESLEY KEATING: Would you dare hold a door open for a woman?

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As a nation, we’ve always been somewhat obsessed by the weather.

It’s one of our main topics of conversation, something that we all have in common and are affected by.

If you want to break the ice with a stranger, what better way than to refer to the wind/rain/sun/snow with a wistful shake of the head or shrug of the shoulders?

It’s the inclement nature of our weather that makes it so endlessly fascinating.

We’re just never quite sure what we’re going to get next. That’s why we listen carefully to forecasts to know what kind of day is in store and whether we need a coat and umbrella or sunscreen and shades when we leave the house.

Of course, it’s been pretty easy to predict of late though.

We’ve just endured the wettest April since records started way back in 1910.

It hasn’t stopped raining since seven water companies imposed hosepipe bans on April 5 – an irony if ever there was one.

Whereas March was unusually warm, the past month has been wet and miserable.

Meteorologists reckon that May is looking like it will also be somewhat soggy.

But we can’t change that, so why let it get us down?

Today, as a bit of fun, we’ve come up with 10 suggestions of things to do in the rain without resorting to TV or computers.

What could be more appropriate than watching Singin’ In The Rain, the classic 1952 feelgood movie starring Gene Kelly that is being screened at No6 Cinema in the Historic Dockyard, Portsmouth, tomorrow?

Or why not put the kids’ wellies on and take them for a splash along the seafront or to a park?

But as well as enjoying ourselves, there are practical things we can do to show some community spirit. Maybe you have an elderly relative or neighbour who’s not been able to get out because of the prolonged wet and windy weather.

Are they okay? Do they need any shopping? We urge you to ring or knock on the door and find out.

Our weather brings us together. Now is the time to show that by looking out for others.