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Have you ever seen a young person do something you felt was extremely talented? From singing to songwriting, acting to dancing, comedy through to magic?

Have you ever wondered why these people don’t get the opportunity to show their hidden talents; to let people see what they’re really made of?

One prime area I’m passionate about is giving young people every opportunity in life to display their talents.

I understand some enjoy keeping them hidden. However, for those who wish to show them off, they should be able to.

It’s good that we have talent shows such as The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, although young people often get discouraged because there is little chance of them winning.

I firmly believe that young people should have more of a chance to do what they are good at locally.

From personal experience, I understand the importance of showing people what you are made of and to stand out from the crowd. It’s very hard work but worth it.

There are various projects going on around the city in which young people can get involved – there are small talent shows such as open mic evenings as well as minor talent competitions.

But there simply is not enough going on for young people.

In the long-term, consider just how beneficial young people showing off their talents to others could be for them.

Among several things it might well improve their communications skills, confidence, self-esteem and motivation to do well.

Yes, it is unfair that we as young people are bombarded by negative elements in life but this must change.

It will change.