Show some more respect - and pick up your rubbish

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CLIVE SMITH: More people in Portsmouth simply means even more problems

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Something has really been bugging me over the past few months and it all came to a head last weekend.

I was waiting patiently in a queue outside Southsea Library when a woman who was opposite me, head immersed in a magazine, finished munching on her chocolate bar and threw the empty wrapper on the ground.

An elderly gentleman glanced over to her and politely pointed out that there was a bin nearby and that he was a resident of Southsea and did not like to see rubbish dropped all over the place.

Her response? She subjected him to a tirade of abuse, informing him he was a boring old man and suggesting that he should go forth and annoy someone else.

What is wrong with people today? There seems to be a distinct lack of respect towards other folk.

It’s one of the things that really annoys me on a daily basis. Secondly, why is it too much effort to some people to keep the community looking tidy?

I often go out around the streets of Portsmouth delivering brochures and quite frankly I’m appalled at the amount of rubbish just discarded by people.

I see front gardens littered with flyers,takeaway cartons etc.

Another bone of contention is when I’m working a show at the Kings Theatre in Southsea.

It’s a beautiful, historic building more than 100 years old that really should be taken care of and shown some respect.

But some people come in, have a drink and maybe an ice cream, and just abandon the empty containers on the floor.

Or, worse, ram it between the seats or chuck it down the toilets so it blocks them and causes a flood.

We have several bins in the auditorium, so there are no excuses!

I must add that not everyone drops their rubbish on the floor, but a lot do. I would never go out for an evening to a theatre, cinema or anywhere and just throw things down and leave them. It wouldn’t enter my head.

So please, the next time you’re out and about having a bite to eat or a drink, please spare a little thought for the environment, the community and the folk that have to clean up after you,and put any rubbish in the bin.