Simple things can provide the best entertainment

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Jez Clark and Lou Nash

Trips to the zoo and days out at Thorpe Park are all well and good, but sometimes it’s the simplest of things that provide the best entertainment.

It’s these simple pleasures I remember far more clearly than the expensive days out.

When I was little it was a Saturday morning treat to go to the big, slightly scary, car wash and sit inside the car as the huge green and blue brushes whirred all around you.

Aged four, it was thrilling to pretend we were being eaten by a huge monster which, after covering us with its spit and sloshing us around its tummy a bit, would eventually decide we didn’t taste very good and spit us out.

When I was a little older I’d spend ages dragging plastic chairs around the garden to create jumps and ride garden cane horses.

Or my friend Alice and I would collect rose petals and honeysuckle flowers and attempt to make our own perfumes.

In fact it’s these simple pleasures I remember far more clearly than the expensive days out.

Jez: When it comes to cheap ways to entertain your kids during the school holidays, I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

When my kids were under five I would often drive to the level crossing near where we used to live.

I would park the car and we would watch the Inter City 125 trains as they zoomed past.

I will be completely honest, I think I enjoyed this pastime more than my kids, as I will happily watch trains for hours.

Another favourite treat of mine was to visit RAF Brize Norton, a 20-minute drive from my old house.

I would park right by the runway and watch military planes coming in to land, passing right over my car. It was awesome!

My kids initially thought this was good fun, but after about 20 minutes they’d get bored.

I would have preferred them to enjoy it for a few hours.

Another popular summer activity nowadays is erecting a tent in the garden. The kids love this – and so do I as it gets them out of the house for a while!