Simply praying he does not have to watch 3D EastEnders

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When it comes to advances in technology, I’m a little geeky. I’m always intrigued to see how white-coated folk can unleash their brilliant squeaky little brains to invent something that will make our planet greener, friendlier, healthier or more fun.

Like 3D glasses for a praying mantis.

Yes genuinely, scientists at the University of Newcastle stuck a pair to the insect’s face with beeswax to try to gain a better understanding of depth and vision. The creatures will watch films of flies and scientists will then apply their findings to something humanly beneficial.

It could be worse for the mantis. They could make him sit and endure the searing insipidness of EastEnders in its 29th year. Ian Beale in 3D is animal cruelty.