‘Since 2006, even when full of sniffles and in spite of torrential rain, I have made myself get on the pavement to clap’

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Looking like Mary Poppins on speed, I set off to support those taking part in the Great South Run last weekend.

Armed with my red, perspex, Minnie Mouse umbrella and other essential items of kit, I went to cheer everyone on.

Since 2006, even when full of sniffles and in spite of torrential rain, I have made myself get on the pavement to clap and cheer the amazing people doing the run for charity.

This year there were 25,000 entrants, so I was there quite a while.

Back in 2010 a lovely lady from the Alzheimer’s Society saw my palms were red raw from clapping and gave me her clapper –three plastic hands on a stick, and when you shake them, they clap. Good, eh?

I was also wearing my Golddigga boots, bought last Christmas for me by my girliepal Firebird. Black quilted, covered in gold studs and with a large Golddigga logo on the heel, these boots are a little loud, even for me.

Anyway, over the last couple of years Channel 5 has broadcast the Great South Run.

I just love seeing good old Pompey from the air – our fabulous seafront, the Historic Dockyard and the Spinnaker Tower all on show.

Even the dilapidated South Parade Pier looks good in aerial shots.

If I was watching elsewhere in the UK, I’d be thinking what a wonderful place to visit.

But then the visitors would get to the grotty pier area, with the flattened land opposite, and boarded-up buildings on the corner, and not be that impressed.

What a shame.

Talking of our seafront, after reading in Monday’s News about the D-Day Museum revamp, myself and Jemima Jolopy ( my car), went along to have a peek.

The enlarged photo at the museum entrance depicting troops on South Parade Pier, just days after the D-Day landings is very moving.

I don’t remember reading anything in The News’ article about the three life-size models in uniform standing proud on the grass outside though.

I must say they looked really authentic.

Then yikes! I jumped out of my skin when these ‘models’ moved.

Yes folks, they were, real people. Time for new glasses.