Is six weeks too long for school holidays?

This article was written by Benjamin Davies from Crofton Secondary School.

Tuesday, 8th October 2019, 3:35 pm
Do children need six weeks off over the summer?

WITH the six weeks holiday over – is it time to think about whether it is too long for children to be off school?

For children, the summer holidays are a time to not be sitting at a school desk all day. However, many parents question why the holidays must be six weeks long.

For many teenagers, the summer holidays are a relaxing time where they have no exam stress or draining revision to complete. Children can play with friends and enjoy days out with family.

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But for some parents, the summer holidays can be quite stressful. One of the main worries for parents is the arrangements for childcare as some parents struggle to organise time off to spend time with their children.

Grown-ups are often concerned that their children will sit in front of a TV all summer.

With holiday prices rising each year, adults worry they can't give their family a wonderful summer away. The pound falling in value is another difficulty for people aspiring to spend their time off abroad.

For many adults, the solution for this is to send their child to a summer camp, where they can engage in activities with others similar to their age.

After putting out a poll on social media, I have found that 74 per cent of 11-16-year-olds believe that six weeks off is just right.

They cite crucial time off with family and days out with friends. However, some replied saying that they thought we should have an extended holiday. One person said: ‘It should be eight weeks as it provides us with more time for rest after the school year as it is very hectic.’

One adult who responded to the poll said: ‘It’s easier when children are at home as it saves money, but it gets them out of routine. They can also quickly become bored.’