Skilled in art of negotiation

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Next time I want a pay rise from my boss, I’m taking my little lawyer with me – that’s my daughter Caitlin.

She’s discovered a new talent that I think might not only get me an increase in my salary but may actually double my earnings.

You see, when I turn down one of her requests, she doesn’t want to take ‘no’ for an answer but instead wants to negotiate.

Most of the time it’s just the sad puppy dog eyes look with a long drawn out ‘Pleeeease’. It’s the easiest way to melt daddy’s heart.

Luckily, my head rules so I stay firm. But now she’s changed tactics from cute to mean.

When I denied her request to raid the biscuit tin she responded with: ‘Daddy you can’t be my best friend anymore.’

Then when asking if she could watch some TV she announced: ‘Daddy I’ll watch my programmes first then you can watch yours later.’

Maybe she’s just trying to see how far she can go before I give in or maybe my little lawyer is showing signs that one day she might be a great big lawyer.