Slip, slap slop –
summer’s scent

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Have you got a favourite smell? Recently, I read an article that listed the UK’s top 40 scents.

Number three was freshly-cut grass. I agree, it’s a great smell that evokes spring and summer and signals that people are preparing for good weather.

At number two was the fantastic smell of frying bacon –something even my vegetarian partner Serena agrees is great.

Top of the list as the nation’s favourite smell was freshly-baked bread, which is definitely the best smell to wake up to. I’ve wanted to bake my own for years, but I’ve never got around to it.

They are all great, but I had to scroll down the list to find my favourite. There it was at number 38 – sun lotion. It evokes wonderful memories of holidays, lounging by the pool all day.

With the great weather we’ve enjoyed recently, I’ve been applying it to my daughters so they don’t burn. I just need to remember to apply it to myself because after 15 minutes in the sun, I’ll be the colour of number 12 on the UK’s favourite list of smells – red roses.