Slippery slope to growing up

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Do you remember when you were a child visiting relatives you hadn’t seen for a while and they would always say the same thing?

Once they had made eye contact with you, the first words that would come out of their mouths would be, ‘haven’t you grown?’.

Well for me it was that and also ‘don’t you look like your dad?’, which I still get at the age of 31.

It seems history is repeating itself because now, when I’m with my daughters who are aged four and six and we bump into a relative or friend, they will say exactly the same thing.

I often hear them say to my girls, ‘haven’t you grown?’.

It’s true though.

They are growing at alarming rate, which is making this dad feel very old.

I laughed recently when I took four-year-old Alyssa to the park.

She asked me why the slide had got smaller.

I had to explain the slide was exactly the same size as last time, but she is the one who has got bigger.