Sly and the family bracelet
– my day a with film legend

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Imet a legend this week. Literally. I was asked to interview some of the cast from the latest Expendables 3 movie.

I never get nervous at interviewing celebrities, but when I knew I’d be chatting to Sylvester Stallone – well I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t have a few pangs of anxiety. But I was thrilled and loved every second of it.

Originally I was told I’d be interviewing Sly and Jason Statham together and then interviewing Keelan Lutz (the sexy vampire from the Twilight movies) Antonio Banderas and Wesley Snipes on their own. Wow, what a line-up.

So I spent my Sunday afternoon prepping questions. Unfortunately just as I was about to go in, with all questions prepped in my head for my first chat with Sly and Jason, the movie PR told me Jason wouldn’t be present and the interview would now be with Sly and Keelan together.

I had no problem with this, except I was going to give Jason a bracelet my niece Hollie had for him (long story but basically Sly and Jason’s characters are like a bickering married couple. Sly’s character has a lucky ring and Jason’s doesn’t have anything. So Hollie made him a bracelet). So, I was called to interview Sly and Keelan when I heard Sly chatting to the cameraman and PR saying he wasn’t happy with the camera angles or the backdrop.

I stood there in the corner of the room like a prize lemon. He really knows his stuff and is a self-confessed perfectionist so I didn’t blame him – I was just worried he might have been in a bad mood. But I needn’t have feared, he was a dream to interview. Genuinely, such a lovely guy. They all were and I was pleasantly surprised with Wesley Snipes who was so funny and so warm I actually forgot who I was talking to. Well, kind of.

Antonio was a really nice too and I gave him the bracelet from Hollie saying she was thrilled to give it to the voice behind Puss In Boots – quick thinking eh? And he put it on bless him. They were all fab sports.

I managed to get a sneaky snap with Wesley. Don’t you think our contrasting stripes and polka dots look rather fetching? Not the most glamorous of pics of me but I wanted to share it with you.