Smart Alec uncle has solved the stresses of Christmas

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Just one more day to go and I still haven't got into the Christmas spirit.

As I get older, it seems to arrive on the day itself, but as a child that warm glow started when the first advent calendar door was opened.

Nowadays that carefree glow of excitement has been replaced by worry. What do you buy people? How much should you spend? Is it really the thought that counts? Should I buy nan that hearing aid this year?

My present list soon went out of the window and the card list continued to grow, right up to the last post day where a card from someone would arrive and I would then have to rush around, write another last-minute one and send it off, as I had clearly forgot them. How awful, the guilt!

Working Christmas Day doesn't help either. But the radio business never stops. At least Christmas Day morning is an exciting time to be on, hearing what people are up to whilst playing festive tunes by Mariah Carey and Slade.

Kids will be excitedly calling up to tell the south what they got for Christmas and asking if anybody knows what batteries you need for a Transformer.

How do we get time to slow down? As a child, it seemed to take an eternity to get to the big day. Now it's here before you know it and gone as soon as Noel Edmunds appears on the telly.

We are in so much of a rush to organise things for Christmas that we don't have the time to enjoy it when it does arrive.

The answer to this conundrum came from an unlikely source – my uncle. He has found a time machine that slows it all down and takes the stress out of Christmas so you can enjoy the run-in.

It's called the internet! All his Christmas present shopping, food shopping and even card-buying has been executed online.

He's even attempted to get Brownie points by using one of those card companies where you can have them personalised. Smart Alec.

I prefer the High Street. I mean, where else would I find him his favourite Daniel O'Donnell CD and a 2011 calendar featuring the great man?

Merry Christmas – hope you have a relaxing time!