Smell in my car is bugging me

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There is an unwelcome bug going around and I can tell you its current location.

I’m not talking about a lonely rogue cockroach that is making its way around Portsmouth, scaring members of the public with its six hairy legs and its ugly little body, but the kind of bug inside your body that makes you feel rotten and is currently residing inside my house.

My daughter Caitlin had the usual symptoms of a bug invasion – high temperature, tiredness, body aches etc.

Luckily there was no vomiting, well that was until we had to make a short journey across Portsmouth in my car.

I was in the front seat driving and Caitlin was behind me in her child car seat when suddenly I heard that horrible retching sound.

I obviously couldn’t turn around straight away as I was driving but the smell that wafted up my nose told me everything I needed to know.

Fortunately, Caitlin has now recovered and is well again. Unfortunately the smell of vomit is still in my car despite several attempts to eradicate it. Any suggestions gratefully received.