Snap! I’ll never look a Spanish bargain bra in the cup again

Reaching boiling point!

ZELLA COMPTON: Too many cheery reminders of just how special I am ...

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Ibought a used car this week. On entering the forecourt you’re always accosted by the Arthur Daley types.

Luckily for me a new car salesman made a mistake. Yes, he made a mistake.

So I managed to get the motor for a couple of hundred cheaper than I was meant to.

Which was a bonus, because past attempts at bartering have hardly been a great success.

On a holiday in Spain I tried to get a discount on two tracksuits for the kids.

They were 30 euros for both, I offered 23. She put the price up to 40.

Then there were some bras the missus liked.

I managed to get a couple of euros off and I walked away like a hero.

They broke after a day’s wear.