Snow has arrived in summer and it’s never been cuter

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It’s a bit odd to be thinking about snow at this time of year, particularly when it’s been so glorious outside.

But last week I couldn’t help conjuring up images of winter after three rare snow leopard cubs took their first steps outside.

They were born in captivity at Marwell Zoo almost 13 weeks ago. It is a tragedy that there are only around 4,000 of these beautiful creatures left in the world.

The little girl is called Animesh, which means ‘bright’ and ‘to stare open-eyed’ in Nepalese, because she opened her eyes early.

One of the boys is called Ariun, which means ‘pure’ in Mongolian.

The second male cub is to be named by the public. I just hope that, when the winning suggestion is revealed, his name is just as special.