So long summer – we enjoyed it really

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Parents, grandparents, baby-sitters and anyone who’s had the pleasure of looking after children, please breathe a huge sigh of relief, wipe the sweat from your brow, sit down and relax.


Isn’t it obvious?

We did it.

We survived summer.

It seems like a lifetime, but it was just six weeks ago when we were looking forward to 42 days of keeping the children entertained during those long summer days, juggling busy schedules and hoping that we would all make it to September without too much drama.

But of course with children, drama is a given. I know at various stages it didn’t seem possible that we would all make it to the start of the next school term – it seemed so far away.

Like during those long car journeys when you heard the sentence ‘are we nearly there yet’ 100 times and those words would be etched into your brain.

Or when you were tired and weary but with a bored child to care for, you’d have to gather some energy from somewhere and be chief entertainer.

Or when you’d act as private secretary for your child, answering the door to their friends and picking up the telephone for them for the 100th time that day.

Or perhaps when it was raining outside, which meant you’d have to watch a Disney film on loop and you suddenly realised you knew every single word from the movie and which song was coming next.

But taking summer life with young children day by day, hour by hour and even minute by minute, it wasn’t so bad.

Okay, I’ll admit it, I’ve loved every second of having my two daughters together and home with me all summer. All right, every second might be pushing it, because in reality, like a lot of siblings, they argue like cat and dog.

But when they’ve been civil towards each other, it’s been an absolute pleasure. Not just because there hasn’t been a school run to do for five days of the week and, of course, the daily challenge of getting them washed, dressed and fed in time for school.

With school for them and work for me, making quality time to simply talk to each other and have a conversation isn’t always easy.

So there has been lots of father/daughter bonding over the past six weeks and, best of all, I’ve been able to act like a big kid myself, whether that be on the rides at Paultons Park, running around the house playing tag or splashing about with them at the swimming pool.

So goodbye summer, it’s been fun and I’ll miss you.

But not to worry – Christmas is just around the corner.