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It’s the news that we have been waiting to bring to you – a rundown on page 14 today of how successful or otherwise schools in Hampshire fare in finding places for pupils whose first choice is to study there.

Regular readers of this column will know that we have had to force Hampshire County Council to release details under the Freedom of Information Act after the authority refused to reveal them voluntarily when national statistics were published last month.

The council claimed at the time that detailed information could ‘mislead’ parents.

Bizarrely, the councillor in charge of education in Hampshire says today he’s glad to see the detail has been published, but felt last month he had to take the advice of officers who wanted to keep it secret.

Readers might feel that an elected representative should perhaps have stepped in to apply common sense at the time. But no matter. We are at last able to publish information that the people who pay for the council clearly have a right to know.

Let’s hope that the authority is not so recalcitrant in future.