So proud of Pompey for the way it hosted D-Day events

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Iwas extremely proud of our city last week after the way we commemorated the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

It was great to see people of all ages turn up to mark this hugely significant occasion.

It was important, not just because we’re a military city or because it’s something that ‘should be done’ but it’s something I felt that people genuinely wanted to do – and there’s a big difference.

Unfortunately as I’m working in London at the moment I was unable to get down to Southsea during the week.

That meant I missed the amazing Red Arrows display that filled our skies last Thursday.

But I did manage to see much of what was going on in Portsmouth over the weekend.

I was one of thousands who flocked to the Common, one of the focal points for the commemorations.

It was great to see families there, with grandchildren and grandparents together.

On Saturday I really enjoyed the RAF Falcons parachute display and it was awesome to realise that Portsmouth was the centre of commemorations for D-Day in the country this year. We were being watched worldwide.

My family and I also got together on Saturday for a night in.

Although in truth we were initially getting together just to see one another, we did have a toast and paid our respects for the privileges given to us by those who lost their lives during D-Day and in the many other battles of the First and Second World Wars.

Although commemoration is absolutely about remembering these fallen heroes, I think for the younger generation it’s also about having a sense of national pride in who we are as a country and the road that has been travelled to get us to this point.

My worry is that this is potentially getting lost as the new generations come through, more focused on social media and the here and now than being aware of their country’s history.

But we must never forget what happened in the two world wars and that’s why I think commemorations like those we’ve just hosted for D-Day are so, so important to keep alive what happened all those years ago.

Pompey, I’m proud of you.