So what is really in a name then?

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ZELLA COMPTON: Why does John Humphrys still have a national platform?

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Forget the hot cross buns. On Good Friday I was with Reginald, Archibald and Bertram – all good old ‘hearts of oak’ British monikers.

Okay, so Reggie’s a four-month-old Cavapoo, his mate Bertie is a Cockapoo and Archie is a poodle. But I just love their names.

Now psychologists are saying that the name bestowed on you at birth can shape your life.

Also, half of teachers polled confessed to making a decision on a child’s behaviour and intelligence just by scanning the names on the register.

Well, slap my thigh. As a numerologist who converts names to numbers, I could have told that lot 20 years ago about the potential of your name.

A recent TV debate I was watching was interesting, so I hoiked out some old clippings that I’d kept for research.

So let’s have a bit of fun, shall we?

According to one article, Britain’s Got Talent presenter Ant will live longer than his mate Dec.

That’s because A names represent success and live longer.

And D names? D is for Dunce, representing failure. And people with D names die earlier.

According to a motor claims analyst, the top five most accident-prone female motorists’ names are Lauren, Jessica, Leanne, Natalie and Danielle.

Top five fellas’ names are Luke, Sam, Ben, Daniel and Joseph.

No Heathers there then. But I advise you all to take it with a pinch of salt.

And finally. Folks, I’ve never been fussed about tattoos on people. But I am fascinated with tattoo art.

I love to watch tattooists at work, as they are so creative and clever.

This weekend is the Portsmouth Tattoo Extravaganza at The Pyramids in Southsea.

With tattoo artists from Los Angeles, New York, Miami, London and more, it should be quite a happening.

They’re also supporting a very worthy cause in the charity Help for Heroes.

Doors open 11am today and tomorrow. See you there.