So what is that squiggle for?

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So the Transport Secretary has claimed that paper tickets for train travel will be phased out by 2020.

By then passengers will be paying instead by their mobile phones or smart card.

There’s a certain age, isn’t there, when you stop doing anything in public naked, even as a dare

This is going to mean the end of the one thing I’ve always wondered about on train journeys; the little squiggle that the train manager puts on your ticket in Biro once he or she has seen it.

I’ve always wondered if that squiggle was a special code that only train ticket collectors can recognise, or whether it’s just done deliberately to mess up your nice-looking ticket.

It can’t be to stop you transferring the ticket because they all have dates and seat numbers on so that’s next to impossible.

So why do they put that squiggle on? Anyone know?

A 32-year-old woman has told police in Florida that she got naked and sat outside her local Dunkin’ Donuts as a dare.

This made me think that she was very brave, because there’s a certain age, isn’t there, when you stop doing anything in public naked, even as a dare.

People will go out naked into the street drunk for a dare in their mid-20s, or maybe even swim across a small river naked when they’re 28 or 29.

But I tend to think the cut-off date for naked dares is definitely 29 years and 364 days.

So Lewis Hamilton dominated the Australian Grand Prix to get his Formula One world title defence off to the perfect start last weekend.

I just think it was really nice to see an English sportsman in Australia go out into the sporting arena and get back to base in double quick time without having broken sweat.

Yes, I know our batsmen in the cricket World Cup did that too, but they weren’t supposed to!