So why the ‘glossy’ obsession?

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CHERYL GIBBS: Don’t call me a hypocrite over my Christmas tree

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Why are shampoo magazine adverts so totally obsessed with us having ‘glossy’ hair?

The only reason the hair featured in these magazine shampoo ads is so glossy is the fact that it’s appearing in a glossy magazine.

Do you suppose people would care more about their coffee shop loyalty cards if they were laminated?

It’s the laminated effect on the pages of the magazine that makes it look so nice.

And anyway, when I was young it was only considered great to have glossy hair if you were a dog!

It just never mattered if you were a human.

Just wondering, do you suppose people would care more about their coffee shop loyalty cards if they were laminated?

Because I don’t know anyone who has ever been that bothered about getting them stamped every time, and because they’re usually made of thin card, they eventually fade or tear and end up getting thrown away.

But, with supermarket loyalty cards, most people keep them because they are plastic and look like credit cards.

So, what I’m wondering is, are the coffee shops keeping most of their loyalty cards made of paper because they know people won’t bother getting them stamped all the time and they won’t have to give out any free coffees?

Or are they just keeping them made out of paper because being loyal to a coffee provider is just completely ridiculous?

People are loyal to dogs, loved ones and football teams… but not coffee shops, surely?

Can anyone tell me why, in all of the Frankenstein films, the Frankenstein monster is so incredibly strong?

If I had just had all that major stitching and surgery and had been brought back to life after being dead for a while, I reckon my doctors would confine me to bed for months until I got properly better.

I would certainly never be able to fight off hundreds of angry villagers coming at me armed with flaming torches!