Soaking up the sun ahead of manic pre-wedding build-up

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Cheryl Gibbs

I’ve always wanted to visit Morocco. I don’t know why really – perhaps it’s because we’ve done so much of the world, or at least a fair chunk of it.

If you think I’m mouthy, I’ve got nothing on my older sisters

But apart from Egypt Matt and I haven’t really explored this part of the globe yet.

Although having said that, we will be doing our fair share this year, with this visit plus Dubai which we’ll be going to as part of our honeymoon next month.

The wedding build-up is all very exciting and although it’s more stressful than I thought (which, to be fair, so many people warned me about) I can’t wait to get married.

It feels like it’s been a long time coming. Well I guess it has really. Fifteen years together and we’re finally doing it!

It was Matt’s birthday last week, so we had all his celebrations as well as planning for my hen do away in Morocco, plus trying to sort out wedding bits – and, of course, fitting working in London around all that.

Needless to say this little vay-cay couldn’t have come sooner for me.

I’m sharing a room with both my sisters which, at the time of writing, has gone down relatively smoothly, although I don’t envisage it staying that way.

If you think I’m mouthy, I’ve got nothing on my older sisters, who still like to think of me as their baby sis.

In reality I can more than hold my own, but I let them believe I am inferior because it does mean they look after me, which is quite nice and a welcome change from being the ‘in control’ one all the time.

So for now and the rest of this week, I intend to do nada but relax and soak up the sun and prepare for the manic two-and-a-half-week wedding build-up when I return.

It really is going to be manic time. I’m about to start work on a new documentary, as well as having to fit in a million different pre-wedding meetings and appointments.

I will also have to lose whatever weight that I will inevitably put on in Morocco this week.

But I like a challenge!