Social media can wait, play with your kids! '“ Rick Jackson

I watched a dad take loads of photos of his young kids on the beach this week.

Wednesday, 26th September 2018, 3:27 pm
Updated Wednesday, 26th September 2018, 4:34 pm
Rick thinks it's sad that some parents would rather be on their mobile phones than playing with their children?

We too were enjoying the sunshine and throwing stones, but started to notice how many photos he was taking. We both thought, '˜stop taking photos and actually play with your children!'

He then sat down on the beach and spent 10 minutes leafing through Facebook while his kids sat next to him, bored.

He didn't engage at all. His life was behind that screen, not in front of him.

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The same thing happened at a play park. The dad even helped his young son onto a slide while his right hand scrolled through his phone.

Look up, not down, enjoy your life. 

My life's best moments are captured forever on film 

Memories are so important and for more than 160 years, we've been able to capture images so we can relive those memories. I, like you, have hundreds, maybe thousands of photos in albums and boxes in the loft.  

On  my phone, I currently have more than 23,000 photos!   What is ridiculous is that none of them are on print. They are saved into the iCloud (basically an internet storage unit) but that's it.

Crazy I know, but how much would it cost just to print out even the decent ones, I wonder?

All this apart, the most precious item in my possession now is my camcorder. Moving pictures with sound. Full HD and stereo, for me this is more vital than the camera.

Since 2011 I have captured all the great moments in my life and when we look back it's all there to see and hear. A photograph only captures a split second of time, the camcorder gives so much more.

My children coming home for the first time, their first words, first steps, all on this camcorder. Fabulous holidays, our honeymoon, all there to relive at the touch of a button.

I found my first ever camcorder recently, along with all the tapes. You cannot imagine my excitement. I've not seen them in more than 15 years.

It was 2002 all over again. I looked fresh-faced in my twenties, I was driving a Golf GTi and doing the breakfast show on Power FM.

I found a tape of us hosting the show on a road trip in France. There was Maximum Bob upsetting French people and my co-host Rachel Brookes getting drunk on a glass of wine.

Bet she'd love this to surface now she's Sky Sports main Formula One presenter!

Then there was footage of when I bought my golden retriever Harvey home for the first time as an eight week old puppy.

So you see for me, photos are great but they are not a patch on the motion picture. Take my telly, take my watch, take all my possessions, but leave the worthless old camcorders.

For me, they are priceless.

Forget scarves and gloves, it's shades and shorts time

Saturday really did feel like autumn. It was cold, wet, and windy. 

The logs had been delivered and we lit the fire. We snuggled down and watched Strictly Come Dancing on the telly. '˜That's us until Christmas,' I thought.

Sunday was even worse and there was a strong, cold wind on the open deck of the Isle of Wight ferry.

I was ready for autumn delights '“ beautiful colours, wrapping up warm, nights drawing in, great evening telly and hearty meals.

But just as I was about to get the winter clothes down from the loft it was summer again!

Our garden was hot and the shades were out. My legs aren't ready to be covered away just yet!