Social network ban left me feeling very out of touch

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Bet you all thought I’d fail, didn’t you? Well I did it and managed (just) to survive a somewhat stress-induced week of banning myself from all social networking sites.

I admit I shed a few tears as I reluctantly signed myself out of Twitter and deactivated my Facebook account.

But was I better off for it? For me, losing Facebook was the most challenging.

It left me feeling out of touch with what people were up to. But mostly I missed the contact with my childhood buddies and mates living abroad, the embarrassing drunken night out photos,the odd silly random status, not to mention the relationship break-ups and make-ups.

Did my self-imposed ban do me any good?

Yes, in one way absolutely. I spent more time meeting up with my friends in person, being creative and taking part in an online survey, winning a massive wad of fashion vouchers for my efforts.

I’ve also penned some limericks and short stories. I certainly got a great deal more work done at home, but I still yearned for my pals’ updates, the highs and the lows of their everyday lives and, damn it, I missed playing Candy Crush!

I have to admit I did falter midweek and had a cheeky peek at Snapchat.

You hear people saying ‘get off Twitter, get off Facebook and get a life’.

But social networking is such a bonus for me, it makes me feel involved, even if it’s just sharing a daft photo or the fact you had crumpets and Marmite for tea.

I usually spend hours sifting through people’s photos and updates. Why live on this planet full of interesting, fascinating folks and not find out about them?

I’m actually grateful for this 21st-century obsession of sharing information. We live in a time where everyone loves an audience and a round of applause?

Uploading a selfie when you’ve just had a new hairdo or wearing some trendy new gear and hoping a few people will say you look good, isn’t that a fabulous thing to be able to do?

So I’ll be sticking with my social media obsession. If promoting my life makes me a little vain and selfish in wanting some appreciation now and again, then I’m guilty as charged.