Solid proof drug-driving will not be tolerated

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Hampshire police has made great strides in recent years in delivering home the message that drink-driving can kill.

Sadly, there are still people who do it – you only need to look at our In the Courts section for proof of that.

But there can be no doubt it is now socially unacceptable and if drivers take a chance, they know the risks involved.

Drug-driving, on the other hand, has remained a little under the radar.

Yes, people have been found guilty of the offence, which is just as dangerous, if not more so, than driving with excess alcohol.

But detecting the offence and gaining regular convictions in court has been harder to come by.

Thankfully, that tide is also starting to turn.

Back in March, we reported on the new roadside kit Hampshire police started using to punish those not playing by the rules.

A simple mouth swab can now tell officers whether the driver has taken cocaine or cannabis, both known to impair driving.

It is clearly working. In the past week, we have reported on two motorists found guilty of drug-driving.

The latest is Levi Seriki-Walters, who failed an impairment test after being pulled over by police and slurring his words.

Yesterday in court, he was sentenced to three years disqualification and made to pay court costs of £620.

It has helped back up the police’s stance to get tough on drug-drivers.

And we are pleased to say that today the message is clearer than ever: If you get behind the wheel after taking drugs, you will be caught and you will be fined and banned from the road.

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