Solidarity will strengthen our desire to combat terrorism

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The sadness and anger many of us feel when hearing about a terrorist attack can be overwhelming.

With three ambushes in the space of a few hours, thousands of lives were suddenly and irrevocably changed forever.

Last Friday will, for a long time, be remembered as the day when Kuwait, France and Tunisia were suddenly knocked to their knees, their people and millions around the world, exasperated with emotion.

The feeling stirred up in ourselves becomes all consuming, our minds dominated by questions as we struggle to understand the cruelty around the globe.

You just could not stop wondering what was going through the minds of those who carried out those heinous attacks and it continues as the names of those murdered are released.

And as we digest the enormity of it all we have to deal with our anger. It makes me sick that the actions of one individual can affect the lives of so many.

Day in and day out we reflect on people’s actions, struggling to understand how someone can carry out acts such as these. They are questions I cannot resolve.

As a result of this our frustration turns into anger. And that anger has the potential to cripple our attitude towards so much, poisoning any positive emotions we might have.

As young people we live in a world where anger, abuse and negativity is so easy to witness. You only have to click into any social media site or website forums to find it. It’s not hard.

I think it is important we recognise the consequences of having a hateful mindset.

I completely understand the reasons we feel the way we do, but we should collectively show that we can overcome the twisted ideologies many have.

Britain is a nation which fantastically comes together at a time of crisis. So we should be doing so, like a family, much more frequently. Remember how we all pulled together after July 7, 2005? Let’s unite in solidarity to show that we will not be divided by the obstacles placed before us.

There will always be groups in our countries who have a mission to bring disaster to our streets. As we have seen, Portsmouth has been a hotspot for Islamic radicalisation. While terror continues, I hope solidarity will strengthen.

If you’re in a position to relieve the hateful thoughts, replacing them with more positive elements, then your outlook may become better. It’s important to remember that we have so much more compared to those who are broken and have walked down the path of terrorism.