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COMMENT: Cameras have become part and parcel of everyday life

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I’ve been a dad for just over three years now.

It was the summer of 2009 when Caitlin was born and my life changed forever.

I soon changed from someone who liked the bit when you could hand the baby back to being in charge of a human life for 24 hours a day.

Then just 20 months later her little sister Alyssa arrived on the scene to make things even crazier.

Together, Caitlin and Alyssa have well and truly taken over my life.

From the amount of sleep I get, to how much money is in my bank account, to the time it takes to get them ready and out of the house (it takes an age), they dominate.

But I’ve realised recently that even when I’m away from the girls, at work or out with friends for example, the conversations I have are very different to what they were before I had children.

I don’t know what myself and my colleagues and friends used to chat about before I became a dad, but I’m sure it wasn’t childbirth, children’s television or brands of nappies.

In fact, I’m certain none of those subjects ever cropped up.

Recently, whilst sitting in the office at work and getting my radio show ready, the subject of childbirth came up as one of my colleagues is pregnant.

As I had been present at both births I was able to join in with the conversation.

Before I knew it I was talking about contractions, pain relief and umbilical cords.

There were four of us taking part in this conversation – and I was the only man.

And weirdly, I had the largest amount of knowledge on the subject.

I honestly walked away from the conversation feeling like I needed to go and change a car tyre or down a pint of beer in one gulp, just to feel manly again.

But if talking with a bunch of women about the final stage of pregnancy made me question my manliness, worse was to come.

On another occasion I was chatting to a male colleague of mine who also has young children.

Quite how the conversation moved onto children’s television I don’t know but we were discussing which TV shows our children enjoy watching and which ones we like too.

If you’re interested, I find myself laughing at SpongeBob Squarepants with Caitlin but yawning when In the Night Garden is on.

I walked away from that conversation feeling like I instantly needed to get on the internet, order myself the complete Top Gear series box set and tick the express delivery option.

I’d tell you about more of the conversations I’ve had but I have things to start watching my new Top Gear DVDs.