Someone who won’t say ‘yes’ to Simon

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Simon Cowell has a pretty impressive CV, not that he’ll require one ever again.

But just imagine if he did have to sit in front of a laptop typing out his previous employment and life experience to give to a potential employer. He’d have a lot to brag about.

He is known all over the world as a judge on shows like Britain’s Got Talent, American Idol and X Factor.

The latter is shown in more than 40 countries and BGT, which he created, is the biggest-selling television format in the world.

He is a record company executive, television producer, movie producer and all-round wealthy man with an estimated fortune of £200m.

Who can put on their CV that they have voiced a character in The Simpsons, Family Guy and Shrek 2?

Who can put under ‘achievements’ that they have been voted one of the most influential people on the planet?

What would you say if you were a potential employer of the high-trousered music man?

Yes, probably over-qualified. Simon is a powerful man who can probably get a yes from any request he makes.

But now the king of shiny floor television shows, who gave us One Direction, Leona Lewis and Robson and Jerome, has a new job and this is the most important one he has ever had.

Congratulations to Simon Cowell who is now a dad to a baby boy called Eric, named after his late father.

I’m pleased to see fatherhood has started well for Mr Cowell and his first job of carrying Eric in his car seat from hospital to car went well.

It sounds like an easy job but it’s one every new dad really wants to get right and I’m sure ‘I hope I don’t drop the baby’ went through his mind like it did mine.

Clutching the car seat with a firm grip as he exited the hospital with a smile on his face, even with fans and photographers around him, his first job as a parent was completed with ease.

Apparently Simon recently revealed that he will not be changing any nappies, saying that he has never done it before and won’t be able to do it.

Yes it is a stinky job that isn’t always pleasant, but although the smell of a pooey nappy will always be horrid, you do kind of get used to it and it’s a great way to impress the in-laws.

Just make sure the nappy doesn’t fall off when you lift baby Eric up, Simon.

I’m sure he’ll enjoy being dad and I hope he takes in every moment. As any parent will tell you, they grow up way too fast.

I also hope he enjoys a smiling, belly-laughing, adorable baby because before he knows it the terrible twos will arrive and baby Eric won’t always say ‘yes’.