Something seriously wrong as Russell sleeps in our bed

Inspiration: Madeleine Shaw

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Despite it being the festive time of the year with lots of partying going on, last Saturday I had a night in on my own because my other half Matt went out with his friends.

Normally when he does this, I either babysit my sister’s children or I organise something with friends.

But I thought that for once I’d stay in with a cup of tea, a good movie and generally be at one with myself.

I managed to achieve this until 4am the following morning when Matt arrived home,with his best friend Russell, who I’ve also known and been really great friends with for the past 14 years.

We’ve lived with him over the years and he’s lived with us – in fact he still has a front door key and he just lets himself in whenever he wants.

So I was snuggled up in bed fast asleep when they both came charging up the stairs into the room and wanted to chat.

Predictably, within about 15 minutes Matt was fast asleep. But Russell must have eaten budgie food instead of their usual kebab on the way home, because I couldn’t get him to shut up.

At 6am he was still refusing to leave me in peace and decided that he actually didn’t want to sleep downstairs on the couch as usual, but in the bed with Matt and I.

I tried to explain that this absolutely wouldn’t be happening. But he nudged me over and crawled in – on my side!

Well, I love him to bits, but there’s no way I wanted to be stuck between two smelly, gassy men. So I woke Matt up and told him he could sleep in the middle. I was left perched on the end – on Matt’s side (which has a dip in the mattress, so it’s very uncomfortable).

After about 15 minutes of listening to a fog horn, aka Russell snoring, Matt and I grabbed two pillows and worn out and tatty blankets which I’ve had since I was about 10 and headed for the lounge.

There was no way either of us could sleep upstairs with the noise that was coming from that boy!

So at 6.30am on a Sunday morning, it was getting light as we shivered on the floor of the lounge and on one tiny sofa, trying to sleep whilst Russell had a whole warm bed to himself.

Something seriously wrong there!