Sometimes the rules on holidays ought to be bent

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It’s an issue we’ve talked about before and one that will certainly come up again – parents being fined for taking their children out of school during term-time.

But the story we bring you today is a slightly different one.

It’s not about a family who wanted, understandably in some cases, to avoid rip-off holiday-time prices by going abroad in term-time.

Corina Peters simply wanted her children to have six days of quality time with their dad, Gunner Dean Peters.

He’s recently joined the army and only had that short period of time off between 14-week blocks away.

It’s not hard to understand why, as a family, they might want to make the most of those days together.

While Horndean Technology College was happy to bend the rules for their older child, Woodcroft Primary refused.

And then, to pile on the misery, fined the family £240 when they went ahead and took the time anyway.

Sometimes it really is hard to understand the logic in these situations.

Yes, of course rules are rules. But if this wasn’t an exceptional situation, it’s hard to see what would be.

The school claims, almost certainly correctly, that family time does not meet the criteria for the rules around absence to be bent.

But what this really shows is the fundamental fault in the rules in the first place.

Until recently, headteachers had some leeway and could make their own decisions.

Now they are tied to government rules that are very much black or white.

That doesn’t and can’t take into account the nuance that is present in very many of these situations.

Our sympathies are with the Peters family. We just hope the rules are changed sooner rather than later.