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This week I’m off on holiday – yippee! We’re hopping on a ferry from Portsmouth and heading to Brittany, where my family own a cottage.

I absolutely love going there every year and really look forward to a couple of weeks of eating bread and cheese, BBQs in the garden, lazing on the beach and meandering around little markets.

But my favourite thing about going to the cottage on holiday is that there is no television or internet. No Facebook, no work e-mails. Heaven!

These days people have become so reliant on technology and especially social media (me included) that sometimes you need to be able to get away from it completely.

It’s got so bad that I find myself constantly checking social media and e-mails even while I’m watching TV!

I don’t think you can really switch off and relax until you leave your phone at home and get back to the simple life.

However, at least where I’m going on holiday I can have a proper shower and sleep in a real bed. I do love the simple life, but Jez is taking it a step too far!

Jez says: Well it’s summer holiday season and this year I’ll be taking the family camping to St Ives, Cornwall.

This will be the fourth time we’ve gone camping.

Now I realise many people hate the thought of spending their summer holiday roughing it in a tent and taking a chance with the British weather, but I reckon camping is fabulous value for money.

For £250 you get a brilliant pitch on a Cornish beach where you can spend the days bodyboarding in the surf and then relax in the evening with a BBQ watching the sunset over the Atlantic.

Don’t get me wrong, walking through the campsite at 2am looking for the toilets is a bit of a pain, as is the morning queue to get into the shower block.

But on balance it’s a great family holiday and the kids absolutely love camping as well.

You could spend thousands taking them to Disney World in Orlando, but I reckon they would have just as much fun under canvas and playing on the beach.

Of course I may feel very differently about camping if it pours with rain...