Sorry, but it’s an executive function dear

Picture: Ian Hargreaves

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How are your executive functions dear? Is it to do with your magnetic balls?

You know, the executive de-stressing desk game.

Or maybe it’s just that your little grey cells simply cannot resist temptation.

According to Julia Allen, a health psychologist at Aberdeen University in her talk at The British Science Festival, ‘executive function’ is to do with a form of memory loss.

Recent research discovered that certain traits and memory recall to remember to do things in the near future are affected.

Especially those who cannot stick to a diet, however much they want to. It appears that slimmers are the most affected and they ‘forget’ to diet.

Eee slap my thigh, sounds like me. So the next time you’re scoffing a treble chocolate muffin, just say, ‘I’m having an executive function.’