Sounds daft, but Jediism is a religion

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I do numerology every Tuesday on Andy Jackson’s evening radio show on Wave 105.

It was the Adorable AJ who suggested I added Jedi to the list of religious prayers to be said before Portsmouth City Council meetings.

‘Are you kidding me,’ I queried.

‘Aren’t Jedi the lightsaber, Darth Vader, Star Wars lot. How’s that a religion?’

Well, if you Google Jedi religion on the internet folks, you’ll find that 100s of 1000s of people across the world claim Jediism as their religion.

How daft, I thought. But is it? When I was a youngster my dad used to read science fiction books By L Ron Hubbard.

The writer then founded The Church of Scientology, a very powerful, often controversial, celebrity-endorsed modern religion. So can fact be stranger than fiction?