Spare a thought for what the groom goes through

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HOT Even baldness won't stop David Beckham from being cool

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The wedding day – the most amazing day of any woman’s life.

It’s something she’s dreamt about as a little girl.

She’s probably pictured her dress, her shoes, the church and the handsome groom.

But what’s it like for us men?

We dream of driving Formula 1 cars or walking on the moon as kids, so the wedding day for many is to be endured rather than enjoyed.

The bride loves being the centre of attention.

Looking her most beautiful, she wants everyone to gaze at her and make a fuss.

Meanwhile the groom hates it and just wants to stand at the bar with his friends and get on with it!

Just look at what the man has to go through to get married.

As the bride-to-be heads off for her hen weekend, the groom-to-be heads off for the stag do, knowing that at any time, he will be totally humiliated by his friends!

On the day itself – after the ceremony – comes the wedding breakfast.

Again the groom, who most likely hates public speaking, will have to stand up in front of expectant guests who want a rousing speech about how beautiful his bride looks and how lovely the bridesmaids are. Even the one that looks like Princess Fiona from Shrek.

But in the back of his mind, he knows at any moment it will be his best man’s turn.

And he knows that his best man is armed with more embarrassing stories about you than your mother has.

We attended my cousin Matthew’s wedding on Saturday.

He had best men. And they certainly did a great job in the ‘best men’ tradition of dishing out the ultimate in humiliation.

There were photographs of the stag do and Matthew in a mankini thong, stories of teenage pranks, ex-girlfriend misdemeanours and bad hygiene habits all men have in their locker!

But he handled it admirably, only turning a shade of crimson Dulex paint would be proud of.

So next time you are at a wedding admiring the stunning bride, share a thought for the groom who can’t wait to be at the bar, wanting it all to be over.