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Isn’t it about time ‘cars’ stopped being such a dirty word? And that ‘investing in roads’ was not seen as political and environmental suicide?

Let’s face it, no matter what the green lobby says, more and more cars will be built, more and more of us will want to drive them and this situation will not change.

Will some smart, forward-thinking politician realise this and force the UK to join the rest of Western Europe by having a decent road network?

Since the 1980s all I’ve heard is how investment in our road network is not the way forward.

We’re told we must invest in other modes of transport in order to cut emissions and ease congestion.

Well, a trip on many of our major motorways will prove this has simply not worked.

Britain is choking with not only chronic congestion, but pollution, as cars stuck in queues affect the environment more than cars moving at 70mph.

We had the perfect opportunity in the 1970s to create a first-class motorway network, but we fell short.

Did you know the M27 was intended to stretch to Chichester?

And did you know the original plan was for the M27 to run from Exeter to Dover. How fantastic would that be?

I reckon we’re now desperate for the same road revolution in this country as was planned in the 1960s.

The roads are already there and can be widened to create motorways.

Surely the M27 should be extended down to Ringwood and Chichester?

In this modern age, the original dream of this motorway could and should be realised.

The A3 to London needs similar treatment.

And why is it that Portsea Island, with a population of 190,000, gets a motorway, but Gosport and Lee-on-the-Solent, with a population of 120,000, have nothing. Time for a dual carriageway at least.

If it could be done in the 1960s, it can be done now.

I wonder what you would prefer, billions spent on a high-speed train line or the money used to extend our motorway network.

I know which one we need most.