Sporting challenge will be as easy as, er, falling off a bike

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The year ahead for me is going to be one of sporting challenge.

This is not a new thing for me – earlier this year I decided to be one of the 25,000 Great South Run participants, slogging 10 miles around a damp Portsmouth.

As part of my training I took part in the Race for Life 10km run, an eight-mile horror a couple of weeks before the GSR, and, most recently, a 10km run dressed as Santa Claus.

These are things I am going to repeat in 2013, but that’s not all.

This year will be the year of the novice sprint triathlon. Now, I may have volunteered myself for this down the pub after a glass of wine or two, but I’m a stubborn old thing so I’ll do it. Just need to relearn how to ride a bike. As easy as falling off it?