Spotting an Athlete in Ikea and a Hairy Biker on a ferry

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So it turns out Victoria Beckham is just as normal as the rest of us.

She was spotted this week popping into a newsagents to pick up some ice lollies for her kids, while David stayed outside in the car.

When I see a fancy car, I always peer in through the window to see if a rich and famous celebrity is driving

I don’t think anyone would expect to see Posh Spice in their local corner shop, but she’s not the only celebrity slumming it with us normal people.

When we talked about this on air, we had calls from listeners who had spied Alan Titchmarsh in Sainsbury’s, actress Sarah Parish down the local Indian takeaway and Boris Johnson on the London Underground.

I once spotted Hairy Biker Dave Myers on a bog standard cross-Channel ferry – like me, he was clearly on the way back from a family holiday.

And I bumped into the lead singer of the band Athlete whilst in Ikea!

But I’m too much of a wimp to go and say hi or get a selfie, so I have absolutely nothing to show for my showbiz encounters.

Unlike Jez, who once approached Sophie Ellis Bextor and asked for a kiss!

Jez: When it comes to spotting celebrities in ordinary places, I have had several occasions when this has happened.

I sat next to actor Marc Warren on an EasyJet flight back from Spain.

He is the small blonde guy from Hustle and Mad Dogs, I knew I recognised him but at the time I wasn’t sure where from.

I almost asked him, but in the end I bottled it and said nothing.

When I went to see Wham at Wembley Stadium in 1986, I found myself sitting in the same row as Anne Diamond,

At one point when The Edge Of Heaven was playing, we both stood up and started dancing – not together but collectively in a group.

When I see a fancy car, I always peer in through the window to see if a rich and famous celebrity is driving.

Most of the time they’re not, but on one occasion while stuck in horrendous traffic on the M25, I spotted a big green Rolls-Royce.

When I pulled alongside, to my amazement it was Richard Attenborough.

Thankfully he wasn’t being chased by a T Rex!