Staff were just like buses - none, then two at a time

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Where is the line between sympathising with overworked staff, or being plain irritated that a restaurant can’t cope with demand?

I’m afraid that my sympathy quotient ran a little thin over the weekend.

I’d been looking forward to eating at a certain Spanish restaurant chain (I’ll spare its blushes by not naming it) for a while now.

I’ve been a fan of tapas for many years, but haven’t indulged for a long time – in fact, since the children were born.

You’d think tapas would be the ultimate child food, as it comes in little pots, you help yourself and it’s so mucky parents aren’t too worried about kids eating with fingers.

But I haven’t fed it to my children until now out of concern that its unusual appearance (compared to my staple fare) would be too off-putting and they’d never get to the taste sensation, as they’d flatly refuse to try sausage cut on an angle. Seriously, these things are important to people who are under 10.

Anyway, we went to the restaurant full of excitement – and came away feeling seriously disappointed.

It started soon after we sat down when I went to read my menu and discovered that my arms were stuck to the table. Not pleasant at the best of times, but looking on the bright side I could at least steady the table top which was alarmingly unstable.

Things went from bad to worse as we were forgotten, our drinks order was incomplete and then we were forgotten again.

Please don’t get me wrong. The staff were very lovely when they did stop by, but it would have been helpful if there were more of them.

They were rather like buses. None for ages, then two at the same time.

When I mentioned to one young man that we’d been waiting to order a dessert but were giving up and heading home, he told me that it was because they were understaffed and tapas is difficult to clean up.

But is that my problem? Surely as paying customers we should be able to enjoy our evening and not have to get stressed about the conditions of the workers?