Stand by your beds: there now follows a wedding update

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As you all know we’re getting married next year. What do you mean, you haven’t heard? Wow, you must be the only person in Portsmouth who doesn’t know about our mammoth wedding plans for next year.

Here’s a quick update. The service is at St Mary’s Church, Fratton, and the reception at Southend Barns near Chichester. We’ve sorted out quite a bit, such as the cake by Final Touch Cakes, and the catering by Field and Fork in Chichester.

We’ve now booked our photographer who we met at The Ship, Langstone, on Friday. What a talented woman Nicci is. She’s from Bumble & Brown and her photos are stunning – quite different – and this goes with the feel of our big day – different and unique to us. Eeek, it’s all getting very real now.