Starting to panic about my run - if only it were cooler

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Oh dear. There are only seven weeks to go until the Great North Run and to say I’m feeling nervous is a bit of an understatement.

Since January it’s either been too cold to run or too hot – and the temperatures for the New Forest 10-mile race and last weekend’s 10km Race For Life saw me reduced to a walk just to try to cool off a bit.

Thank God for gyms with air conditioning – though even then I ran a fairly fast 5km on the treadmill and felt dizzy afterwards.

I love the sun, but I do wish it would cool down so I can go on a long run just to remind myself I can actually do it.

Yes, yes, I know I could get up early and go before work, but I find it hard to eat first thing and running for at least an hour on nothing more than a Berocca is frowned upon in fitness circles.