Staying true to ourselves

It’s important the parade continues – but safely

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Within our culture, there is a risk of adapting ourselves in order to fit in with others.

We may become self-centred and worry about everything we’re doing so that we fit in.

At such a young age, our minds are bursting with curiosity, eagerness and for some, rebellion.

Many of us may elevate ourselves to reach unrealistic platforms to please.

These are platforms which may dramatically affect our lives and lead to ramifications.

A prime example where we present ourselves in a way which ‘isn’t really us’ could be on social networking.

Many young people do present themselves in a way which is false. Why build up a false persona?

Because of the way numerous youngsters change themselves, it can often prevent us from really being happy.

Ensure that you do what you really wish to do and be certain that your heart is in it all.

Don’t be someone who changes your path in order to get a pleasing nod from very few. Youngsters need to understand that they’re in control of their future.

The way you perform may please you momentarily. However will it lead to happiness in time to come?

If you feel as if you change yourself according to who you’re around and wish to stop, then sit back and reflect on where you’re going wrong.

I believe it’s a good idea to take time out to really think about the things you do.

Another great thing about reflecting quietly alone is that you can take on board the real opinions people have of you.

If somebody says something negative about you, then use that as an instrument to play and change it into something good.

Likewise if you are spoken of positively, then use those compliments as words of encouragement rather than drowning them with negative opinions made towards you.

We are so vulnerable in walking into a trap that will snap us up and slow us down.

Be somebody who jumps over the traps many may want us to be caught up in and take the path you wish.