Stephen’s act of kindness is an example to all of us

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There’s a lot of things a seven-year-old boy might like to spend £30 on.

We’re sure Stephen Wallace wasn’t short of ideas and could have bought all sorts of wonderful toys with the money he collected over Christmas.

At that time of year it would be very easy for a child to get carried away about all the possibilities when they see such a vast array of presents available.

Yet that’s not what this particularly caring and considerate lad did. He decided to do something a bit different with the money donated by family members.

He put his own feelings to one side and thought about how he could help the cats and dogs at Stubbington Ark instead – and for that he deserves a hearty pat on the back from all of us.

It was an extraordinary act of kindness and remarkable in the fact that Stephen himself is still so young.

For anyone who has perhaps found themselves bemoaning the youth of today at some point in the past, here’s an example that should go some way to restoring their faith.

Of course he is just one example but what Stephen did should serve as a reminder to us all.

We’re sure it was his enthusiasm and passion that persuaded his relatives to give him the money in the first place and now that’s gone on to buy toys for the Ark’s animals.

As his mum Vicki explains, this kind of thoughtful behaviour isn’t out of character. ‘Since watching Children in Need last year he’s realised how lucky he is and he’s realised that there are others out there who aren’t so lucky,’ she said.

How delightful that Stephen is now planning to raise even more money for the Ark – and a children’s charity of his choice – by setting out on a sponsored bike ride. Seven miles is no walk in the park for someone so young but we don’t doubt that he’ll manage it.

It’s clear that the Stubbington Ark was delighted when they heard about his fundraising exploits.

We add our congratulations and to Stephen say well done and keep it up.