Steve Jobs was a superstar - in the technological world

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I’ve been filming in London all this week, making a documentary on Apple’s Steve Jobs for an American production company. All very exciting.

The week started with a voiceover, which was great except for the chest infection that is still tainting my vocal cords!

The rest of the week has been spent doing tons of interviews about Mr Jobs. For those of you who need memories jogged, he is the main man behind Apple’s success, but sadly died two weeks ago at the age of 56.

The more people I’ve interviewed, the more I’ve realised the huge impact that he had in shaping and defining the way we all communicate today.

It’s not something you really think about, is it? We don’t sit there deliberating over where the items we use in our everyday lives came from.

But when helping to put a documentary together, it’s kind of fundamental to do some research.

The longer I worked on this, the greater my fascination with Steve Jobs’ story became. What an incredible but complex man he was.

The way the entertainment and media industries have reacted to his death, you’d think he was some kind of superstar.

I guess in many ways he was exactly that – but in the field of technology.

This week I’ve been interviewing lots of people from journalists and PRs to celebrities and so-called ‘normal’ people.

I was lucky enough to visit Magic FM’s studio in London and interview Dr Fox himself – legendary DJ Neil Fox.

Wow, what a character. He still looks the same as he did all those years ago when he starred as one of the judges on Pop Idol.

He’s such a nice guy and I liked him a lot. I was tempted to tell him that I too come from a radio background, having presented on The Quay here in Portsmouth for two years.

I thought about swapping stories with Foxy about being on the wireless. But then crashed back down to earth before I embarrassed myself.

After all, he is a radio legend and I am, well, Gobby Gibbs from Portsmouth. Not quite the same, is it!