STEVE POWER: Doh! It’s just a shovel

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Essential winter motoring accessory; Lightweight; Compact three-piece design for easy storage; Snap push button assembly; Robust polypropylene scoop and handle; Approximate length 94 centimetres.

But then I looked at what the kit was and basically, it’s just a shovel! It comes in three pieces and you snap it together to make your snow shovel. I thought instead of all that guff on the front of the box, couldn’t they have just said: ‘You can use it to shovel snow with’, it would have saved an awful lot of time.

o If you fancy a career in retail, I have discovered the best two options. Become a high street butcher or a kebab shop owner. Customers won’t ever argue with you if they think you have a massive axe, saw or long sharp knives behind the counter!

That’s why butchers are always so jolly; no-one ever gives them grief in the shop.

o I’ve discovered what I think is the ultimate definition of someone who can be classed as a bit of a slob, and I come into that category. Basically, if you come home slightly drunk after a night out with some takeaway food, you’re so much of a slob that you have to eat the food dressed in your glad rags because you just want to shovel the food in rather than eat it properly like a civilised person. If you do this, you’re a slob!

o Something I wondered when I was hanging some washing out the other day. You know how the higher up in the air you get the windier it gets? Well, that being the case, is there a legal limit on how high a washing line can be? If I want to dry my washing a bit quicker it would help if I could get a really long washing line and make sure my washing is about 300 feet up in the air. So I just wondered if there was a legal limit on how high a washing line has to be. Plus, the further away they are in the sky, the less people can be offended by my rather threadbare pants. My only concern is whether I would need one of those flashing lights they have on tall buildings to warn aircraft!