STEVE POWER: Flash in the pan?

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With regards to household cleaning products, is there really any difference between ‘Kitchen Flash’ and ‘Bathroom Flash’? Do you really have to use one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom?

I think the theory is that if you use one in the bathroom and then take it to the kitchen you’ll be transferring some unhealthy toilet germs to the area where you prepare your food. But surely, if you’ve used the cleaner in the toilet there shouldn’t be any germs in the toilet to transfer to the kitchen. In which case, why can’t they please just sell the one cleaning product, rather than getting us to fork out for two?

o This is one for the men…If your partner keeps moaning at you for dumping your clothes on the floor around the house, just do this. Remind them that every time you visit Primark there are clothes strewn all over the floor. It’s true, check it out. If a major fashion retailer is happy displaying its clothes on the floor rather than on hangers, then why can’t you do the same? The logic might work…for a short time at least!

o Is there anything more embarrassing in the world than when you go to high-five someone and they don’t respond? You’re just left standing there with one hand in the air and an excited look on your face, like a five-year-old about to answer his first question at school. Can we just make it a rule that if you go to high-five someone they have to return your gesture, because it’ll save so much embarrassment around the globe? And yes, it did happen to me recently!

o Quick tip: If you don’t want all the children at a birthday party to cry during the face painting session, then don’t do what my mate did and hire a surrealist to do the face painting. The kids are all still traumatised to this day.

o If you’re organising a big party and you hire one of those helium canisters to blow up balloons, I’ve discovered that it really is impossible to do this without everyone else in the building asking to breathe in the helium, so they can speak in a funny voice. I’m assuming the people who hire out the helium canister put at least double what’s needed in there because they know everyone’s going to be having a go?