Steve Power: Massive drinks at Spider-Man screening drove me up the wall

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I’d like to start with a quick cinema question.

Why do multiplex owners think watching a film is such thirsty work that they need to give us cups that are big enough to hold the entire contents of the Atlantic Ocean?

In case you haven’t noticed, sitting down in front of a screen for two hours doesn’t make you particularly thirsty.

Running a marathon makes you thirsty. Going to the gym makes you thirsty. Watching The Amazing Spider-Man 2 doesn’t.

In fact, the only exercise I got was continually getting up to go to the loo because I’d drunk so much of my giant cup of Coca- Cola.

So please don’t give me a drink that will last until the next Spider-Man movie comes out.

· The Danish restaurant Norma has regained its crown as the world’s best after being knocked off top spot by a Spanish rival.

I find this hard to believe, because most Scandinavian food doesn’t exactly whet the appetite in the same way French, Italian, Chinese or Indian food does.

In fact, the only Danish food that makes me feel really hungry is bacon and I can’t see a restaurant that serves only bacon sarnies being voted the best in the world.

Well, unless I was the judge and did my judging at about 8am.

· I’ve discovered how you can tell the nation’s students have started revising for their exams.

I went to two chemist’s yesterday and they had both sold out of Pro Plus tablets!

· If your partner moans at you for dumping your clothes on the floor, just remind them that every time you visit Primark there are clothes strewn all over the floor. It’s true, check it out.

If a major fashion retailer is happy displaying its clothes this way, then why can’t you do the same?

Signs of a better market

British consumer confidence has reached its highest level since just before the start of the financial crisis in 2007.

Here are a couple of definitions of what consumer confidence is: When you grab something off the shelf in a shop, you reach into your pock-et for your money and buy it.

You don’t reach into your pocket with the item!

And when you’re paying for something at the till, you have to think hard what your PIN code is before buying it.

You don’t have to think hard what your bank balance is before buying it!

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