Steve Power: Pillow play is a design must

Steve's perfect pillow would be heavy enough to indulge his playful side
Steve's perfect pillow would be heavy enough to indulge his playful side
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Tech experts have shown off a device that can stop snoring – a smart pillow system named ‘Nora’.

Once it detects a person snoring, the cushion gently inflates to ‘nudge’ the user, causing them to stir and stop snoring.

But, if they are going to develop a smart pillow, how about coming up with ones that also do the following things:

1. Ones that shrink to half the size when you try to put a freshly-washed and dried pillowcase on them, so you don’t spend hours trying to push the pillow inside it.

2. Ones that are light enough for easy transportation, but heavy enough to knock someone playfully off the bed during a pillow fight.

3. Ones that are refrigerated on one side, so when you turn them over on a hot night they actually cool your face and help you get some proper sleep.

n New research suggests that children as young as four are being allowed to surf the web unsupervised by their parents.

To be honest, I think that’s only fair.

If you think about it, it was probably the four-year-olds who helped their hopeless parents set up the internet connection in the first place, so why shouldn’t they be allowed free roam?

n According to a new study, one in eight children has never been given a book as a present.

I’m really surprised by these findings – books are just so darn easy to wrap.

n Some supermarkets are now saying that they want laws to force a 50 per cent cut in the sugar content of cakes, biscuits, breakfast cereals, chocolate bars, sweets and fizzy drinks.

I’m no expert, but rather than call for a big change in the laws, couldn’t they just cut the size of all their food packets by half?

It has already been done with Wagon Wheel biscuits!