STEVE POWER: Preparing for '˜gift tag fatigue'

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By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 13th December 2016, 12:23 pm
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 1:38 pm
Why bother writing a tag at all?
Why bother writing a tag at all?

Next the gift tag fatigue sets in and it gets so bad that you just write their name on the tag, or even worse you don’t even stick the tag on the present, you just write the person’s name on the wrapping paper in felt pen. That right there for you is gift tag fatigue.

o Bearing in mind how typically most years Christmas in Britain tends to be relatively mild, with a couple of recent exceptions, why don’t our Christmas cards have scenes on them of rainfall or loads of grey slush? That would be more realistic I reckon.

o Speaking of which, isn’t it a hassle to send Christmas cards? I think we should be able to buy really good quality cards and send them to people but that card should then cover us for the next five years, so we don’t have to send those people another card until five years after that.

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If the card is a good quality one, it should easily last five years. All the recipient has to do is put it away carefully and bring it out the next year and the year after that, and so on. It’ll save us a fortune on cards and stamps in the long run, and if we store all the old cards with our Christmas decorations we can put them up all in one go too. What’s not to like?

The Five Year Christmas card, it’s a winner.